Vision and Mission


“Being a world-class broadcasting corporation and the nation’s character builder with the largest network”

 Mission Statements

1. To provide information services for the international audience in a comprehensive manner to enhance the positive image of the nation

2. To conduct the second track diplomacy as a part of the Indonesian total diplomacy in accordance with the free and active foreign policy.

3. To provide information services for Indonesian citizens abroad with regard to the current situation of Indonesia

4. To present the nation’s culture and identity by preserving sound and entertaining programs.

5. To broadcast program that serve as a social glue among Indonesians abroad

6. To broadcast empowerment and advocacy programs for Indonesians abroad

7. To build broadcast cooperation with various local, national and international broadcasting organizations

8. To provide accurate, fast and reliable information by expanding community involvement in and outside the country

9. To broadcast programs by utilizing new technology and media convergence that makes the access to the VOI programs easier.










Jl. Merdeka Barat, 4-5, 4th Floor,

Jakarta 10110.

Phone : +62 21 3456 811,

Fax     : +62 21 3500 990

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  • Radio Republik Indonesia
  • RRI World Service
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