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Mosaic of Indonesia

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The Bengkulu province military resort041 Gamas command in cooperation with Food Crops, Horticulture, and Plantationoffice of Mukomuko regency, have agreedon cetak sawah program as wide as 400 hectares in Mukomuko regency, in implementing 9 visions of Indonesian President to besovereign, independent and self-sufficiency in food nation. Commander of military resort, Col. Irnando Arnold B Sinaga, said on Monday (28/5) that the cooperation as a follow-up of the meeting of Chief of Staff of Regional Command II of Sriwijaya militarywith Food Crops, Horticulture, and Plantationoffice of Mukomuko recently, to implement self-sufficiency in food nationally, by creating new regions as national barns. In the context, Indonesian Army is prosecuted to be able to support realization of national defense formidablein facing various threats, one of them by implementing food security. Col. Irnando committed to continue and to keep helping the regional government in sustainable self-sufficiency in food program to reach work target of new field expansion which has been determined.

To anticipate congestionat Cipali toll when the flow of homecoming and turning Lebaran 2018, especially in Subang regency, West Java, Transportation office of Subang regency is ready to impose traffic engineeringThis was stated by head of transportation office of Subang regency, Rona Mairansyah, to Radio Republik Indonesia in Subang, on Monday (28/5). Rona Mairansyah also said that his office opens the gate of Kaliangsana Kalijati and Cilameri Pagaden toll. Morever, the prediction of the increase in the flow of travelers’ vehicles will occur since H min 5 of Idul Fitr, because it coincides with the start of a long school holiday, so that traffic engineering efforts can effectively anticipate traffic jams such as that occurred in the flow of homecoming and returning Lebaran in 2017.Meanwhile, traffic engineering was said by Rona,if the flow of vehicles that are diverted from the Cipali toll road through the Kalianggana Kalijati Toll Gate, vehicles can be transferred to Pantura through Purwadadi-Sukamandi-Ciasem, can also be transferred to Cikamurang, through Kalijati-Subang city, while the flow of travellers vehicles which are diverted through Cilameri toll gate, are also diverted to Pantura, through Pagaden-Binong-Pamanukan, if to Cikamurang are diverted through Subang-Kota-Cikamurang.

Cilacap becomes the only one regency/city in Indonesia which is selected to participate in assessment of the Tangguh City in the Asia Pacific Region. For thatUnited Office for Disaster Risk Reduction  for Disaster Risk Reductionon the recommendation of the National Disaster Management Agencyto hold the assessment on Monday (28/5). Delegation of the United Office to conduct audiency with vice regent, Syamsul Auliya Rahman, on Monday (28/5). There are important things discussed in the audiency. The delegation will give support substantially and technically, supported by the Government of Cilacap regency, to implement Cilacap as the City of Strong Disaster. Besides that, the benefit can be gained by the region is the opportunity to bring donor agencies and investors to the development of Cilacap tothe City of Strong Disaster. Syamsul Auliya Rahman welcomed the delegation who selected Cilacap as Indonesian representative. According to Syamsul, the assessmentis in line with Cilacap regent’s idea,  Tatto Suwarto Pamuji, to make Cilacap to be Singapore of Java which needs to be anticipated by all parties.

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