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Here are the Headlines of several national newspapers published today, May 31.

We begin with Kompas entitled, “Bank Indonesia Reference Rate Increase for Anticipation”.

In the last two weeks, Bank Indonesia –BI had twice increased their reference rate, each for 25 points or 0.25 percent. Currently, the Bank Indonesia’s reference rate is 4.75 percent. The Bank Indonesia 7-Day Reverse Repo Rate was 4.25 percent since September 2017. On Thursday (17/5), the reference rate increased into 4.5 percent. In Bank Indonesia’s Board of Governors Meeting (RDG) yesterday, Bank Indonesia’s reference rate increased into 4.75 percent. Meanwhile, on Wednesday’s RDG which was an additional monthly RDG, the Bank Indonesia increased their deposit interest rate in the form of Rupiah or deposit facility for 25 basis points into 4 percent. Meanwhile, the rupiah loan interest from Bank Indonesia also increased 0.25 percent into 5.5 percent.

Moving on to Republika entitiled, “E-KTP Removal was partial”

The removal of invalid or defective electronic ID card (e-KTP) is ongoing. The removal was carried out at the asset storage of Human Resource Development Agency from Indonesian Human Affairs Ministry in Bogor Regency, West Java. Until Wednesday (30/5), the Ministry’s Population and Civil Registration Directorate General recorded that 56 boxes containing 156.800 e-KTPs were destroyed by being cut in their edges. The number is still lower than the total invalid e-KTP found after unannounced inspection by House of Representative’s Commission II at the storage on Monday (28/5), which reached to 805 thousand. Population and Civil Registration Directorate General targeted the removal will complete in the next two days. Home Affairs Minister, Tjahjo Kumolo explained, the cutting of invalid e-KTP was done to respond the concern among the people. It was because after the scattered e-KTP incident at Salabenda on last Saturday (26/5), some of the public were concerned with the invalid e-KTP being abused. 

We end the Headline with Media Indonesia entitled, “Optimizing Preparation for Eid Holiday”.

Ministries and institutions were asked to finish all preparation to welcome this year’s Eid al-Fitr Holiday. The preparation is including not only road and facilities, but also the availability of transportation, fuels, groceries, and security before and during Eid Holiday.

That was affirmed by President Joko Widodo in a closed meeting on Eid Holiday Preparation at the Presidential Office in Jakarta, yesterday. Besides, he also mentioned the preparation of security personnel. President Joko Widodo also demanded the synergy between the police and army in preventing and countering security disturbances during Ramadan and before Eid Holiday so that people can do their religious activities without worry.

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