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Ceasefire between Hamas and Israel

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Ceasefire between Hamas and Israel

On Tuesday (May 29, 2018) by using rockets and mortars, Hamas, a movement controlling the Gaza Strip, launched attack targeting in southern Israel. This large attack was the first since 4 years ago. Israel, which has recently committed acts of violence against Palestinian civilians, then launched a counterattack, at least 35 times, to several targets in Gaza. Israeli warplanes took part in the attack mission to the 7 locations of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, including ammunition warehouses.

Israel claimed no casualties on its side. Both Hamas and Israel have finally agreed to a ceasefire since Wednesday (May 30, 2018). Since the wave of Palestinian people's protests on late March, at least 120 Palestinians have been killed. The protesters called for Israel to return the occupied territory. Some of them were killed during a rally on the Gaza-Israel border, including 61 people two weeks ago. The rest were killed by Israeli air strikes.

The Israeli side claimed to simply defend the border and blame Hamas for pushing the protesters through the border. In addition to restricting the land area, Israel also conducted a blockade in the territorial waters off the coast of Gaza. This was done by installing a barrier to avoid infiltration from the Gaza Strip into the Israeli territory as happened in 2014. The Palestinians protested against the blockade. A ship carrying 20 people and several other small boats then left the fishing port of Gaza. There has been no response from the Israeli military regarding protests against the sea blockade.

The occurrence of mutual attack is certainly very unfortunate. Because Israel used sophisticated fighter jets, which were bigger than just rocket and mortar attacks. Hopefully, the ceasefire can last a long time. Both sides should refrain and prioritize negotiations. Indonesia, which supports the two-state solution, certainly wants Palestine as a real country to be established soon. Thus, one of the problems in the Middle East region can be ended.

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