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Common Views in Dealing with Radicalism in Campus

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The arrest of three suspected terrorists at the State University of Riau (UNRI) campus on last Saturday (2/6) showed that campus is not a place free from thoughts or acts of radicalism. Institutions of higher education that graduate the nation's young intellectuals seem increasingly 'exposed' with individuals and radical groups. Even, campus that may be far from the intervention or police supervision is now used by university students or alumni to launch the terrorist movement. They regard the campus as a safe place to carry out their mission.

Some time ago, Head of the National Intelligence Agency (BIN), Budi Gunawan at the IV Congress of BEM in Semarang on Saturday (28/4) said that about 39% of college students have been exposed to radical understanding.

He perceived that based on data, 24% of senior high school students and 23.3% of university students agree with jihad for the establishment of an Islamic state. This condition is very worrying because it threatens the sustainability of the Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia -NKRI.

Suspected terrorist -MNZ along with two colleagues who were arrested in UNRI campus admitted assembling bombs in the campus because it is considered safe and unreachable from the police. In addition, he also claimed to assemble the explosives in campus because it is easy to get explosives from the laboratory.

MNZ is also suspected of having links with the network of Jemaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD) terror group that carried out the attack at Riau Regional Police Headquarters (Mapolda) some time ago. He claimed to have received a bomb order from the perpetrators of the attack. The JAD network is chaired by the defendant of Thamrin bomb case -Aman Abdurrahman. Aman is also the chairman of ISIS in Indonesia. JAD was established as an organization to support the Islamic caliphate. This means that the existence and capability of MNZ with his friends should not be underestimated.

However, the steps taken by the security apparatus -Densus 88 and the Riau Police who entered UNRI campus posed strong protest from Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives –DPR, Fahri Hamzah. Through his Twitter account @ Fahrihamzah on Saturday (2/6/2018) at 19:40 pm, Fahri said that Mr. @ jokowi, this should not be allowed to happen, if long-barreled weapons entered the campus, we have returned to the Stone Age! Maybe, you never became an activist, so you let this happen. This is a war with the students! Even Fahri also tagged Twitter account of President Joko Widodo -@ jokowi, who called Jokowi never became an activist.

The actions taken by the security forces are correct, because what they faced at that time was not a student demonstration or ordinary crime, but people who could endanger the lives of others. Thus, common views are needed to deal with radicalism or suspected terrorists in campus so that the acts of terrorism that have occurred recently and killed dozens of lives can be eradicated across Indonesia.

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