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Mosaic of the Archipelago presents information: first, Buddhists celebrate Waisak at Muara Takus temple. The second information is that  Minister of Research, Technology and High Education encourages Jenang Kudus to be exported abroad. The third information is that Aceh invites a number of countries to enliven cultural week.

Around 500 Buddhists from various regencies/cities in Riau province celebrated Waisak 2562 at Muara Takus temple, Kampar regency. Head of Waisak Committee, Romo Aseng said on Saturday (2/6) that the temple was chosen as the place of the event because the temple is believed as 7th century’s heritage which was a university of Buddha in the era. Based on the history, Muara Takus temple is very appropriate to implement Waisak 2018 celebration in Riau province. The event was expected to be able to encourage synergy among government, academics, businesspeople, various communities and media people to develop cultural heritage site of Muara Takus temple. This year, the event was colored with some events, starting on May 20 until June 2, 2018. A series of events which were conducted, were free treatment to 350 patients, free cataract surgery for 6 patients, and ritual activities as well as Dharmayatra Festival activities. This could be one of important events. Moreover, it was combined with visit package to some tourism destinations surrounding the temple so that it can increase the visit of foreign tourists to Indonesia. The event chose a theme "The beauty of diversity in Buddha Dharma". In Riau, the peak of Waisak event will be held in Pekanbaru on June 9, 2018 to be participated in by around 1,000 Buddhists.

The second information is that  Minister of Research, Technology and High Education encourages Jenang Kudus to be exported abroad.

Minister of Research, Technology and High Education, Mohammad Nasir encouraged Kudus typical food, Jenang to go international. His side will assist to optimize the market which meets export standard by technological touch. The Minister said that his side will also attempt to export Jenang to some countries. Take for example, Jenang can survive until 6 months. He even wants to make sure how Jenang can last 1 or 2 years. The Minister believes that Jenang will be much loved if it is more durable and in good quality. Besides, he also promised to improve the packaging of the Jenang product. Jenang businesspeople will be provided quality improvement according to world’s standard. Minister Nasir perceived that the government has developed technology, namely Red Gamma Irradiator at Serpong, South Tangerang, Banten. With the technology, the home product will be exported.


We end Mosaic of the Archipelago with the information on Aceh invites a number of countries to enliven cultural week.

The government of Aceh invited a number of Islamic countries either in Southeast Asia, Europe or Middle East to enliven the 8th Aceh Cultural Week which will be held in Banda Aceh on August 5 until15, 2018. Deputy Governor of Aceh, Nova Iriansyah said in Banda Aceh on Monday that besides those countries, his office also invited all provinces in Indonesia to participate in the event. The Governor also pointed out that there are dozens of art and cultural attractions at 7 main activities. He explained that the event, besides being centralized at Ratu Safiatuddin Park, enliven the 8th Aceh Cultural Week will also be held at 16 places in Banda Aceh. The Governor added that the event will be opened by President Joko Widodo. Governor Nova Iriansyah remarked that the event is to highlight Acehnese cultural art, and bring about impacts to people’s economy and to boost Aceh’s tourism.

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