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Mosaic of Indonesia

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Security problem such as terrorism which happened in several regions in Indonesia lately, turns to be the concern of many parties. Pancasila as the national ideology, is not anymore be the basic in raising humanitarian values. Terrorism grows through a process, namely intolerant thinking, if it is allowed, it will become radicalism. Radicalism view can grow as terrorism. Terrorism which is grown in Indonesia, is not alive in an empty room, but it grows when religion is not able to strengthen political vision, law enforcement and economic justice.This was stated by secretary of National and Political Unity Board, Gianyar regency, Tjokorda Gede Putra Darmayuda, on facility of National Assembly Forum Gianyar regency, in Gianyar, on Tuesday (5/6/2018). Darmayuda said the board is inthe process of strengthening the implementation of integration activities of community members of various race, tribe, ethnic through social interactionin the field of language, customs, art culture, education and economy to implement Indonesian nation without having to eliminate the identity ofevery ethnic, tribein the frame of The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.The board is also one of places for discussion, and socialization of values of Pancasila as state ideology, Pancasila as source of law andview of national life. The Forum of the board was participated in by 70 participants from various ethnic groups, religious and 7districts in Gianyar.

Before general election 2019, Indonesian Muslim Student Action Unity of Gayo offers program to reject money politic movement, as one of programs of the organization. This was stated by chairman of Gayo Action Unity, Mukhlisin, in an interactive dialogue with Radio Republic Indonesia, Takengon branch on Tuesday (5/6/2018). Thus, the program which will be offered in Regional Working Deliberation, is a movement to rejectmoney politic during the general election 2019. The organization will conduct intelligence movement on people so they do not vote based on money.

Dayak people who have Betang philosophy is believed will never away from religion and the laws of nature.Dayak people’s life has unique characteristic where obedient and pietyto God and also to honor universe. This was stated by figure and elder of Dayak people and figure of Central KalimantanSabran Achmad, on Tuesday (5/6/2018). He explained that one of the characteristics of Dayak tribe is to honor and to be obedient on law and the rules of the universe. Dayak people realize that in this life there is thing which is not seen by human, because of that, Dayak people really believe nature influences human life. Besides that, Dayak people actually cannot be separated and released from religion and belief. Through religion, Dayak people know and love the Almighty and life in accordance with sublime religious demand. In Dayak community today, there are various kinds of religions they believe, and although they are different they are still unite and live in harmony. Dayak people also glamorize philosophyof Betang culturewhich always love and respect other tribes who come and connect with Dayak Tribe.Morever, Sabran Ahmad said currently in Central Kalimantan, there are 4 big tribes, namely dayak Ngaju, Dayak Ot Danum, Dayak Maanyan dan  Dayak Lawangan. Meanwhile, there are 141 Dayak tribes who live in Central Kalimantan. Central Kalimantan is great Betang which requires that all citizens and members within it complement each other, help and appreciate each other in fraternity and togetherness.

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