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The cancellation of UNSC Resolutions against the Israeli

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The United Nations Security Council -UNSC failed to produce a Resolution that opposes the use of force by Israel against Palestinian civilians. The draft resolution did not materialize due to a veto used by the United States. The draft resolution proposed by Kuwait,  a non permanent member of UNSC representing  Asia-Pacific, was  countered by the United States, a permanent member. As the US ambassador to the United Nations  Nikki Haley  said, the draft resolution is unbalanced for not mentioning the Palestinian Hammas group. According to the United States, Hamas can not simply be ruled out for violence in the Gaza Strip. The United States accuses Hamas of being a terrorist group that must be held accountable for the appalling conditions that have occurred in Gaza. The draft resolution to oppose Israeli violence against Palestinian civilians initiated by Kuwait over the weekend has received the support of other permanent Security Council members namely, France, Russia and China. The US became the only one who refused, while Britain abstained. Meanwhile, non permanent members encouraging the adoption of the draft Resolution are Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Bolivia, Peru, Sweden and the Equatorial Guinea. While  the Netherlands, Poland and Ethiopia abstained. As it is known,   a UN Security Council Resolution can only be ratified when it gets at least nine votes out of the ten non permanent members,   and none of the five permanent members of the Security Council is using a negative vote or  veto. Following the failure to pass a resolution condemning Israel, the United States, Israel's main ally, proposed a counter draft. The main Israeli supporter stated that Hamas is guilty of violence in the Gaza Strip. In fact, only the United States supports the draft that it made itself, while 3 UNSC members  refused and 10 other abstained. The United States, a key ally and supporter of Israel, will always be an obstacle to pressure Israel. The power of its veto in the UN Security Council will always be exploited to pursue any resolution that harms Israel. Since Donald Trump came to power, support for Israel has become more visible and stronger. For example,  the current conflict at the Palestinian Israeli border, was a result of the US embassy relocation to Jerusalem. The failure of UN Security Council resolutions may further make Israel feel more free to commit acts of violence to Palestinian civilians.

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