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Hungarian Minister of State for Family and Youth Affairs,Ms. Katalin Novák thanked and expressed appreciation to Indonesian ambassador, Wening Esthyprobo Fatandari who has donated the result of Charity of Indonesian Days and Bazaar 2018. The statement was conveyed through her letter to the Indonesian ambassador, Wening Esthyprobo Fatandari. Several weeks ago, the Indonesian ambassador conveyed donation to Early Intervention Center Budapest (Budapesti Korai Fejlesztő Központ), a foundation which handles and provides early education especially for disabled children who are 0- 5 year-old. The donation total 400,000 Hungarian Forint or around Rp. 20,000,000 was the result of collecting 10 percent of the profit gained by participants of Indonesian Days and Charity Bazaar (IDCB) 2018 which was held for 2 days, starting on May 5 – 6, 2018 at the Indonesian embassy in Budapest.

The Indonesian ambassador to Hungary, Wening Esthyprobo, for the 3rd time, received honorable invitation in annually event of Charity Rice Table Dinner organized by Netherlands-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce (Dutcham) which was held on May 31, 2018 at Marriott Budapest hotel. Unlike the last year, the Indonesian ambassador utilized the event to promote the main Indonesian products which have provided in the Netherlands. Before the event, the Indonesian Embassy in Budapest coordinated with Indonesian Trade Promotion Center ITPC Budapest held Trilateral Business Meeting at the Indonesian Embassy in Budapest. Indonesia invited counterpart and businessman in Hungary and also Dutch Ambassador to Hungary, Mr. Renne Van Hell and member of Dutcham. The Trilateral meeting introduced directly Hungarian businessman with importer of Indonesian products in the Netherlands. The ambassador hoped that Hungarian businessman will know that most of the Indonesian main products is easily found in the Netherlands and also opens the entrance of more Indonesian products to Hungary.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Budapest on June 2, 2018 held an event to celebrate Nuzulul Quran at the embassy in Budapest. The event was combined with iftar (breaking the fast) together which was attended by all families of the Indonesian embassy in Budapest, community, diaspora, students, and Indonesian experts who are working in Hungary. During Ramadan, the Indonesian Embassy in Budapest routinely conducts iftar together every weekend. The iftar event is organizedindependentlyby all staffs of the embassy and Indonesian Trade Promotion Centeras well as Indonesian people in Hungary.The budget is not taken from the budget of the Indonesian embassy in Budapest.

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