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Indonesian Government Has a Big Commitment to Achieve the Social Forestry Goal Featured

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Coordinator of Community Based Legal Updates Program and Ecology or HuMa, Yustisia Rahman said that the forest and land fire including peat land becomes a significant contributor of greenhouse gas emission. The government has a commitment to hold mitigation in forestry sector and peat land. In a press briefing on Tuesday December 9, 2017 in Jakarta, she explained almost 60 percent of greenhouse gas emission in 2000 came from forest and peat fire. In 2012, greenhouse gas contribution has declined, although it remains as significant trigger. In response to the issue, Yustisia said, the government has ambitious commitment to dealing with forest and peat fires.

"The government has made a tremendous commitment to the mitigation by preventing fires and doing peat restoration. The government made a commitment to mitigate forestry and peat sector by encouraging effort through sustainable management with community or social forestry," Yustisia Rahman said. 

Yustisia further explained that the government has a social forest target of 12.7 million hectares. However, until 2017 there were still many challenges to realize such targets, such as disruption in licensing and the location of social forestry which is far from community settlements. According to Yustisia, facilitating public access to the social forestry license will improve the community's economy and the government's target to restore peatland// Sekar/Trs.Rezha


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