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Opening the National Working Meeting of Ministry, The President Highlights the Land Reform Program Featured

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President Joko Widodo highlighted the importance of the Agrarian Reform and land distribution program for the community. According to him, the program was intended to reduce the number of gaps in the community. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the National Working Meeting of the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning, on Wednesday in Jakarta, the President asked the ministry to prepare the land distribution program in 2018 by focusing on the Right to Cultivate (HGU).  


The President said that the land distribution should be conducted in an integrated manner among various stakeholders to ensure the gaps can be reduced.


“We should have the same vision. The land redistribution is not a land-sharing program. It is for the welfare of the people especially for the lowest income, to reduce poverty and inequality. The land redistribution should be integrated with developing programs by ministries and agencies. We can reduce Gini Ratio if we can do this. It must be supported,” the President said. 


Furthermore, President Joko Widodo also expressed his appreciation toward ministry of agrarian and spatial planning that have successfully achieved the target of land certification in 2017. With the existing track record, the government believes, the target of 7 million land certificates in Indonesia will be achieved in 2018.


Previously, in his report, the Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning / National Land Agency Sofyan Djalil said that in 2017, the government has completed 5.25 million land registration products. Of that amount, some 4.2 million land certificates have been distributed to the public.


In addition, according to Sofyan Djalil, the government will also increase the number of land measurers to support the target achievement of 7 million land certificates in 2018. Currently the number of land measurers in Indonesia reaches 5800 people. This year the government plans to add up to 3 thousand measurers to ensure that land certification targets can be achieved. (Ndy/ahm)


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