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The President Launches Rural Vehicles

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The President Launches Rural Vehicles biro pers

When opening the 2018 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show automotive exhibition on ICE BSD City today, Thursday, August 2, 2018, President Joko Widodo welcomed the presence of a rural vehicle called Rural Multipurpose Mechanical Transport (AMMDes). The multipurpose vehicle of the nation's work is designed to improve the economic productivity of rural communities.

"I welcome AMMDes, Rural Multipurpose Mechanical Transport, which we will launch today," said the President.

The presence of this rural vehicle will also have a multiplier effect on other industries. At least 70 domestic component industries are involved in the production of rural vehicles.

"This is a type of vehicle but there is a lot to do with the upstream industry. It is reported that more than 70 domestic component industries are ready to become suppliers of this AMMDes component," he said.

Basically AMMDes functions as a means of transportation and transport that can be combined with various post-harvest processing tools. In addition, this vehicle can also be combined with several supporting equipment such as generators for lighting, rice grinder, and water pumps for rural rice irrigation by placing the components in the back of the vehicle.

After officially opening the exhibition, the Head of State went straight to the booth where the multipurpose vehicle was exhibited and had boarded one of the AMMDes on display.

"In addition to increasing production and productivity in the villages, this can also solve many problems in the village both in the form of water, mobility, dryers and rice mills in a small form so that mobility in the fields and villages can be even better , "said the President commenting on the rural vehicle.

The development of the AMMDes has been monitored long ago by President Joko Widodo. During a working visit to Klaten Regency, Central Java, in September 2017, the President had visited the Kiat Motor factory which had been known through Esemka products. There, the President witnessed firsthand the development of rural vehicles which were then still called Mahesa.

"The government's task is to give encouragement so that ideas like this can enter the market," the president said at the time. ( biro pers ) 

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