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Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry Opens Access to Data of International Agreements of Indonesia Featured

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the latest innovation of the Treaty Room website, which is the International treaty database provided in the framework of public services. Press information from the Foreign Ministry in Jakarta, Friday said that the site can be accessed anywhere and anytime by the general public. The site contains various international agreements that Indonesia has signed since it achieved independence. Director General of Law and International Agreements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Damos D Agusman said that the site contains thousands of international agreements. Damos also pointed out that the site managed by the Directorate General of Law and International Agreement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a form of accountability and transparency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Indonesians and foreign people, as well as become an educative tool for younger generations. With the site, the general public can now easily find various international agreements signed by Indonesia with other countries. (Kemlu.13.1'18-Mar/edit r/Trans by Rhm)

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