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To Realize Peaceful and Democratic Elections

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The democratic activity of the 2019 General Election is in sight. In total, there are 16 national political parties, plus 4 local political parties in Aceh, that are the participants in the 2019 Election. This number increases from 2014 Legislative Elections of 12 national political parties and 3 local political parties. As for the pair of presidential candidates and vice presidential candidate, it will be stipulated on September 20, 2018, concurrently with the determination of legislative candidates of the House of Representatives -DPR, Regional Representatives Council (DPRD), and Regional Representative Council -DPD. The 2019 elections will take place simultaneously, namely the Legislative Election and the Election of the President and Vice President is held on the same date, 17 April 2019. General Election Commission -KPU as organizer of the elections in Indonesia has prepared the stages that must be passed by both candidates’ legislative members, presidential and vice presidential candidates. These stages include registration of political parties, legislative candidates, pairs of presidential and vice presidential candidates up to the stage of the campaign and election. Of all the stages, one of the most anticipated by the participants of the elections and voters is the stages of the campaign that will start on 23rd of September 2018. At this stage, the election participants, both legislative candidates and pairs of presidential and vice presidential candidates are to compete to promote its programs to be selected in the 2019 Election. In the campaign, both election participants and supporters are not uncommon use unhealthy methods such as carrying out campaigns black which aims to bring down its political opponents. That matter carried out in various ways, either through direct campaigns or through communication media such as mass media and social media. To avoid this, various stakeholders held the declaration of peaceful elections in various cities in Indonesia. One of them was held at the Proclamation Monument, Menteng, Central Jakarta on Sunday 16 September 2018. The declaration initiated by the Community Alliance Indonesia for this peaceful election is expected to inspire other regions to hold activities that sound peaceful elections. This declaration encourages election participants both legislative candidates and presidential and vice presidential candidates to avoid unethical ways to win the elections. Supporters and voters of the presidential candidate should not attack each other and expose black campaign, because it will only split the nation's unity. Indeed, the elections are held to choose a better future leader who can bring Indonesia to brighter future.

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