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South Korean President visit to Pyongyang

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Although not the first South Korean president to step on Pyongyang, upon arrival in the North Korean capital yesterday (September 18, 2018), President Moon Jae-in received a warm  handshake and a hug from North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. Thousands eyes watched the event. The  meeting in Pyongyang became the third between the two  after those  in April and May this year. In his remarks, Kim Jong-un expressed his gratitude because Moon had agreed to facilitate his meeting with US President Donald Trump in Singapore last June. But unfortunately, President Donald Trump's plan to come to Pyongyang is still not implemented. The US sees no significant progress in the denuclearization process in North Korea. To accelerate this process, US President Donald Trump asked President Moon to become a negotiator for both parties. Denuclearization of North Korea is actually not only the demand of the United States but also the desire of South Korea. The first meeting in Pyongyang was indeed wanted by Kim Jong-un. The North Korean leader said that he was waiting for this moment. Meanwhile, President Moon was very impressed by the welcome prepared by Kim Jong-un. Before his departure to Pyongyang, on his social media account, President Moon hoped that this meeting was not just a temporary change but a permanent peace. However, there are some  who doubt whether it has resulted in progress in the peace process on the Korean peninsula. Many parties expect this meeting to provide an opportunity for better change. That is, with North Korea accelerating the denuclearization of its country, which is a condition of peace on the peninsula. On the other hand, the  United States should keep its promises, if later North Korea really carries out  the process. So that the hope of all parties to witness the peaceful and unified Korean peninsula is  not just a dream.

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