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Strategy of European Union to Face Chinese Control in Asia

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More dominant control of China in Asia through the initiative of One Belt, One Road Policy seems to trigger less conducive situation for European Union. The reason is that China’s initiative brings about debt burden for countries joining in the program. Some countries in Asia have taken part in the cooperation scheme. Sri Lanka, for instance, builds a seaport worth US$1,5 billion dollars. In fact, the country cannot return its foreign debt and has to let China control the seaport for 99 years, exactly until 2116. Another project in Malaysia is also put off by Malaysian government under the leadership of Prime Minister  Mahatir Mohamad. In Indonesia, project of express train funded by China has not shown significant progress and it has been criticized. Another country in Asia, Pakistan tries to consider some aspects before continuing the project with China. Why does European Union pay more attention to Asia? Asian is the region that has developed dynamically. Total population of Asia reaches about 4,5 billion people, including 600 million people of ASEAN, as one of the regions of the world’s economic driver. Huge population can be potential market for European Union and its growth is less favorable. European Union is aware that China’s control is easy to be overcome because China is royal to help some Asian regions. Meanwhile, European Union with some problems are difficult to disburse huge funds to cope with China. What has European Union offered to Asia? European Union has offered employment, economic growth with environmental and social standards. According to European Union, these points become crucial for China. European Union expects its member states to support Asian Connectivity Strategy. Based on the planning, the draft will be one of main discussions in the summit of European Union and Asian leaders in  October. Of course, there is no rivalry between China and European Union for good initiative to trigger new conflict in the region. Both sides should develop multilateral cooperation in Asia which being shaken by US President, Donald Trump. 

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