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Minister Rudiantara Supports Amazon to Invest in Indonesia

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Amazon Web Services, a large global e-commerce company from the United States will invest in Indonesia. This investment worth around Rp 14 trillion is in the form of technology cloud computing which makes the internet as the center of data management. The plan was delivered by Vice President of Amazon Web Services, Werner Vogels to President Joko Widodo during their meeting in Jakarta more recently. As a key speaker of the US-Indonesia Investment Summit in Jakarta recently, Minister of Communication and Information, Rudiantara disclosed that Indonesia has to be increasingly involved in all international-scale digital activities. One way that can be done is to provide opportunities for Amazon Web Services to invest in Indonesia. This can make Indonesia the center of digital economic development in the Southeast Asia region or ASEAN. The reason is that Indonesia has the largest market among other ASEAN countries.

"Indonesia must be on the digital map of the world. So, we welcome investment in the digital field that is friendly. We have the largest market, the highest growth of Unicorn in ASEAN. Then, the development of the digital economy is also extraordinary. I mentioned earlier in 2020; the digital economy is approximately worth US$130 billion dollars. That's 12 percent of our GDP. That's huge," said Rudiantara.

Furthermore, before Amazon Web Services officially invests in Indonesia, Minister Rudiantara sets absolute requirements for Amazon Web Services that must be able to absorb local employees and develop Indonesian human resources. These conditions have also been expressed by the government when collaborating with Microsoft, Google and Sisco. Large companies are required to establish partnerships with 20 universities in Indonesia. The goal is to create 20 thousand technicians in the digital field. For the pilot project that begins this year, Minister Rudiantara said that 1,000 people would be educated in five universities. Until last week, at least, 33 thousand people have been registered. (Rezha/Trans by R)

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