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President Joko Widodo: Many countries complain about hoaxes

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President Joko Widodo Opens PWI Congress in Solo 28.09.2018 President Joko Widodo Opens PWI Congress in Solo 28.09.2018

The era of social media brings about other challenges to the world of media, such as the emergence of hoaxes or false news that uses the hidden space for freedom and democracy. This was stated by President Joko Widodo when officially opening the 24th Congress of the Indonesian Journalists Association -PWI in Solo, Central Java on Friday (28/9). This condition, according to President Joko Widodo, is experienced not only by Indonesia, but also by many friendly countries whose leaders complain about similar issue.

“Another challenge in the midst of the rise of social media is the emergence of hoaxes or false news, which uses the freedom and democracy available. This occurs not only in our country, but also in other countries. I went to Singapore complaining about the same thing; PM Lee; Malaysian former Prime Minister also complained about the same thing. To the Middle East, some Shyekhs and Emirs also complained about the same things that had never happened before. The dissemination of hoaxes is done through informal media that is unregistered; it is unclear who accounts for, and where the address is unclear. Hoaxes are circulated through social media to influence perception,” said Presiden Joko Widodo.

 Furthermore, President Joko Widodo explained that there are certain interests, especially the very strong political interests behind the spread of hoaxes. He views that this is done to influence public perceptions so that they are in line with the purpose of these interests. Thus, the President remarked that it’s important for PWI and the media to provide correct information. President Joko Widodo added that the emergence of hoaxes is an opportunity for PWI and the main media to show their major role in a bid to provide correct information that is in accordance with the principles of journalism and comes from credible and quality information. (Rezha/Trans by R)

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