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Brexit: Between Ideality and Reality

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After more than one year of the referendum that resulted in  Britain out of the European Union, or Brexit, the two sides continue to negotiate. The talks are expected to pave the way so that  Brexit does not to make economic relations between the UK and European Union member states fall apart. Michel Barnier, who was appointed as European Union Brexit Chief Negotiator, recently  met Spain's Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Maroto Reyes. As written on his Twitter account, Michel Barnier implies his view that Brexit must not damage the economic order of the European Union countries. He said that the European Union continues to strive so that the formal exit of  the British government will still ensure good economic cooperation. In fact, the referendum did not necessarily make Britain leave the European Union. It takes a long time to prepare both sides. Politically, some EU countries want Brexit not to make domestic politics shaken. Various approaches in negotiations were also considered so that the British Prime Minister Theresa May would not go deeper into internal political conflicts. As is known, there has been a difference between Theresa May and two Brexit supporters that led to a government crisis. David Davis and Boris Johnson, two of Brexit's main supporters in the Theresa May government had resigned in protest, When negotiations take place with the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May must be able to ensure that her government is in a stable and safe condition. Theresa May's political efforts were carried out as the Conservative Party Congress took place 3 days ago. Theresa is facing a tough test both domestically and out. The grace period until the signing of the agreement between the UK and the European Union in November, will really determine whether the Brexit referendum decision will run smoothly, or cause new problems, both for Britain and European Union countries. This is where ideality interferes with reality.

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