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2017’s Inflation is Relatively Controlled Featured

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Based on the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) monitoring in 82 cities, in December 2017 there was an inflation of 0.71 percent. Head of the Central Bureau of Statistics, Kecuk Suhariyanto explained, with the figure, inflation in 2017 amounted to 3.61 percent. In a Press Briefing on Tuesday (2/1), Suharyanto said that the inflation figure is good. The 3.61 percent inflation lies on below the inflation target set by the Revised State Budget of 2017 at 4.3 percent. Based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, since 2011 the inflation has moved forward in 2013 and 2014 above 2015. But since the last 3 years the inflation has been better.

"Over the last three years the inflation has been relatively under control and below the target. We certainly hoped this success can be repeated in 2018 by  keeping the pattern which occurred in

2017inflationSuharyanto said.

Suharyanto further explained, since January to December 2017, the highest inflation occurred in January and December 2017. There were deflation twice in March and August. Inflation in December 2017 amounted to 0.71 percent due to price increases, especially on the foodstuffs and transportation, communication and financial services. The inflation rate in the same period of 2016 and 2015 were by 3.02 percent and 3.35 percent respectively. Suharyanto said,the government’s control over the price of goods are relatively well// (Sekar.trs.Rezha)



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