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Poverty Gap Still Homework

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President Joko Widodo appreciated the decreasing number of poor people in Indonesia.

However, he reasons that there are still a lot of homeworks to be done by improving the Poverty Gap Index to a better rank. In a discussion on eradicating poverty raised during Cabinet Plenary Meeting at the State Palace in Jakarta on Wednesday, President Joko Widodo remarked that the Central Bureau of Statistics –BPS has launched its research result that the number of poor people in Indonesia decreased to 26.58 million people or about 10.12 percent of the total population.  However, the President mentioned that Indonesia still has homework, namely to reduce the Poverty Gap Index. Thus, he views that this can be done by maintaining inflation rate among the people. 

 “…We still have homework to reduce the poverty gap index in rural and urban areas. So, I remind all to control the inflation rate and prices of staples, including government’s rice program (Rastra) and non-cash food assistance program to be distributed fast and right to the target in early 2018, as well as the cash for work programs at the ministries,” the president said.

Moreover, President Joko Widodo said that he has received report that 20 percent of the 2018 Village Funds can be disbursed in January. The President hopes that the funds can be utilized to support the people’s economic improvement program in Indonesia. (Ndy/ahm)   








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