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LIPI Builds Traditional Medicine Development Facility

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Indonesia is very rich in biodiversity. Various plants can easily live and thrive in this tropical climate. Among these plants, many also contain medicinal properties. Some of these have been used for generations by Indonesians, such as herbs or herbal medicines made from natural ingredients. However, various researches still need to be done to further maximize the potential of these biological wealth. One of the parties involved in this research is the Indonesian Institute of Sciences -LIPI. Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) has built facilities for the development of traditional medicine with the standard of Good Traditional Drafting Method or (CPOTB). The facility built in Serpong, Banten aims to accelerate the downstream results of medical research and medicine. LIPI head caretaker, Bambang Subiyanto in his written statement in Jakarta, recently said that the construction of this facility is also providing support related to research and product development to industrial partners. He said this is in line with the 11th Economic Policy Package on the development of the pharmaceutical industry and medical devices. Traditional medicine research facilities are needed to answer various health problems and support the independency of drugs raw materials nationally. LIPI pays great attention to the research and development of medicinal health with various researches related to the use of medicinal plants as well as its active ingredients for medicinal raw materials. Bambang Subiyanto said Indonesia has 1,247 industries and traditional medicine business which 10 of them including big scale traditional medicine industry companies. However, Traditional Medicines (IOT) Small Traditional Medicine (UKOT) and Traditional Medicines (UMOT) industries do not have facilities for Good Traditional Medicine (CPOTB). The existence of this facility is expected to be a pilot laboratory of CPOTB in order to facilitate small and medium industries to accelerate the development of traditional medicinal products in the country. Up to now almost 95 percent of raw materials of the pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia are still dependent on imports though Indonesia has more than thirty thousand species of medicinal plant herbs. The development of natural medicine deserves attention considering the practice of traditional drug utilization has taken root in Indonesia. In addition, the development potential is very open with the increasing demand of domestic and overseas market. Meanwhile, Head of LIPI Chemical Research Center Agus Haryono said his working unit is very focused on the development of traditional medicine. From the research conducted has found many new compounds from indigenous plant extracts of Indonesia, such as plants that are efficacious as anti-cancer, anti diabetes, anti malaria and anti oxidants. Agus added that the construction of this research facility will focus more on research and provide more adequate facilities for research related to traditional medicine. With this facility is expected the results of research can be more qualified and acceptable by the industry.

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