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Mosaic of Indonesia

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Regional hall of Kalimantan River I will hold Dragon Boat and Sui Jawi Festival on March 17 - 18 to enliven the 26th Water Day 2018. Head of the organizing committee, Syamsur Arifin said in Pontianak on Sunday that a number of events will be shown. The center of the events is at Jawi river, Pontianak. Syamsur explained that the events will hold some competitions such as dragon boat, folk games, Kayak and Jawi River Festival. He also said that the events will also be enlivened with 40 stands. While watching the events, visitors can also taste typical foods of Pontianak. Syamsur also added that a seminar and social activities at the river area will be held at the event until the Water Day on March 22nd.

As many as 20,000 trees were planted at protected forest area of Mt.geuredong, located at New Nosar and Bener Pepanyi hamlets, on Saturday (10/3). The event was cooperation between the government of Bener Meriah regency, International Lauser Foundation (YLI) and Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF) and also local people in effort of preserve and protect of the forest at the region. Regent of Bener Meriah, Ahmadi said on Saturday (10/3/2018) that to protect the forest area, his office will form some teams to monitor and observe the protected forest in accordance with coordinate points that have been set. Previously, the protected forest area has changed its function to become people’s agricultural land. Thus, the program is considered very helpful for the government of Bener Meriah regency in returning the function of protected forest. Ahmadi also said that the existence of the protected forest at the area may create water source which is now utilized by people at a number of districts of the regency. Ahmadi expect seriousness of the people, International Lauser Foundation and Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund. This is not only a ceremonial activity. In fact, it is fully implemented.

President Joko Widodo attended National bird singing Festival and exhibition to win presidential trophy at Bogor Botanical Graden, West Java on Sunday (11/3/2018). The Festival was participated in by 3000 birds. On the occasion, President Joko Widodo said that the bird hobby in Indonesia has succeeded to raise people’s economy amounting 1.7 billion rupiah a year, namely from breeding, food, cage and medicines. President Joko Widodo also said that besides improving people's economy, birds’ breeding also gives room to the bird lovers to fulfill their hobby and also to preserve birds in Indonesia. The President further said that based on the report, there are around 1,660 species of birds in Indonesia. The lovers or Kicaumania throughout the archipelago with around 3,000 birds participated in the festival.

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