President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) called on security authorities in Jambi on Sunday to seriously tackle illegal logging that still occurs in the Sumatran province.

"Please, the regional police chief stop it. Eradicate it," he said durimg a meeting with forest farmers at Kenali Pine Forest Park to distribute Social Forestry Decree certificate.

"Illegal logging still happens in all provinces. It is the task of law enforcers and the police to deal with it,` he said.

Complaint about the illegal activity was raised by Zulkipli, one of the farmers who comes from the district of Tebo.

"I call for the law to be enforced against the illegal loggers and their financiers. Do not let them freely carry out their activities," he said during a dialog with the president at the meeting.

Zulkipli is the chief of a cooperative entity in Tebo who received 500 hectares of social forest that he has so far used to grow "jengkol" or petai (parkia speciosa) trees.

"I have informed through whatsapp to the minister many times about it," he said.

"That is good. You can whatsapp the minister (Siti Nurbaya)," the President said in response.

"I am Jambi`s regional chief of Nasdem (National Democrat Party) farmers and I also have a duty to guard the forest," Zulkifli explained.

"I do not know about it," the President said.

Zulkipli said that he had also informed resort, regional police chiefs as well as the national police headquarters about the illegal logging so he wished the activity could really be stopped.

On the occasion he also asked for additional 2,000 hectares of forest for mangosten plantation.

"May I have the seed as I saw it developed well in West Sumatra. I ask for 2,000 hectares for mangosten development," he said.

"You are right. Mangosten exports demand is very high from Japan, China but it has not been fully met because all farmers plant oil palm. Mrs. Minister please check it. Check also the cooperative. We are glad to distribute land to the people but if it is neglected we will take it back," the President said. (ANTARA)


Indonesia and Vietnam are commemorating 63 years of bilateral relations through fashion diplomacy at the 2018 International Fashion Fair in Vietnam, as stated in a statement from the Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi received by ANTARA in Jakarta, Sunday.

Through the Indonesian Pavilion at the Vietnam International Fashion Fair 2018, the Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi facilitates 34 national brands to promote their products.

The event is held on December 13-18 at the International Center for Exhibition (ICE) in Hanoi.

The Indonesian Pavilion at the 2018 Vietnam International Fashion Fair was opened on December 13, 2018 by the Indonesian Ambassador to Vietnam, Ibnu Hadi.

The event was attended by ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic missions in Hanoi, representatives from Vietnamese ministries/agencies, the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, and the business community in Hanoi and the vicinity areas.

"The Indonesian Pavilion provides an added value and is one of the extraordinary models of fashion diplomacy," Ambassador Ibnu Hadi said.

He stressed that the Indonesian Pavilion could expand market for national products, become a place for creative ideas exchange, and help realize interests of the Indonesian fashion industries.

Ambassador Ibnu Hadi hoped that a mutually beneficial bilateral trade of Indonesia and Vietnam worth US$10 billion could be achieved by 2020.

In the first ten months of 2018, the value of bilateral trade between Indonesia and Vietnam reached US$6.3 billion, up from US$5.3 billion achieved in the same period in 2017.

In 2017, the total trade between Indonesia and Vietnam increased by 16.36 percent to US$6.5 billion, up from US$5.58 billion in 2016. (ANTARA)


Indonesian President Joko Widodo said Riau province will be benefited the most if the Trans Sumatra toll road is completed in 2024. When attending the Riau Community Cultural Show at the Pekanbaru Youth Center, Saturday (15/12), President Jokowi said that this was because the Trans Sumatra toll road will not only go through Riau, but also it will also connect Riau with the surrounding areas.

Riau Province is very strategically located. If the Trans Sumatra toll road from Lampung to Aceh, in 2024 is completed, the most benefited from the existence of this toll road is Riau Province, especially Pekanbaru. Because the Trans Sumatra toll road not only connects Pekanbaru to Dumai, but also Pekanbaru to West Sumatra. This means that this area will grow rapidly. But be careful, this work is not easy without the support of the community,” said Joko Widodo.

The total length of the Trans Sumatra toll road from Lampung to Aceh reaches 2,700 kilometers. A number of toll road construction projects that are part of Trans Sumatra are in the process of finishing. One of the toll roadsto be inaugurated is the 140.8 kilometer toll road that connects Bakauheni to Tembanggi Besar. President Jokowi said that the construction of toll roads and other infrastructure is a prerequisite for a country to be able to compete with other countries. He said the construction of infrastructure in all corners of Indonesia will open access to the economic development of the regions where the infrastructure is built. (VOI/Ndy/trans by PUTRI/AHM)


The African continent has been one of the regions that has been the target of strengthening Indonesia's economic diplomacy in the past year. Following the instruction of the Indonesian president, Joko Widodo, at the beginning of 2018, who emphasized Indonesian representatives abroad, especially in the African region, to expand economic cooperation. Senegal and Ivory Coast, are two countries currently opening opportunities for Indonesia in that regard. Charge de Affaires of business authority of the Indonesian Embassy in Dakar, Senegal, Didik Trimardjono, said recently, Senegal was a potential "Entrance Gate" for Africa for various Indonesian export products both non-traditional and non-strategic industries, such as food to textiles.

"I was summoned by the minister of Senegal's National Development Planning Board recently, he said that he wanted to explore a possibility of becoming an agent or distributor of what is called here, the Jakarta motorbike," said Didik Trimardjono.

Didik explained that for strategic products, for example, Senegal was recorded to have purchased CN235 type aircraft which are produced by PT Dirgantara Indonesia and it has committed to purchase ships, 10 locomotive train units and plans to purchase around 50 tank units. (KRBN / RETNO / AHM)

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