Kalla Joins Peaceful Rally for Palestine

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Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla joined a peaceful rally for Palestine at Yenikapi Field in Istanbul, Turkey, ahead of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Summit on Friday.

Besides Kalla, the rally was also participated in by the delegates of OIC Summit participating countries, and the people of Turkey, according to a press statement received by Antara News Agency in Jakarta on Saturday.

"Vice President Kalla joined the rally on the invitation of President Erdogan as host," vice presidential spokesman Husain Abdullah remarked at the scene.

He said Kalla’s presence in the rally was part of Indonesia`s struggle for Palestine.

During the peaceful rally, Kalla and the OIC Summit delegations urged the United Nations to take decisive steps over the removal of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

In addition they also urged the United Nations to investigate the deaths of a number of Palestinians during a rally in the Gaza Strip when it refused to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. (ANTARA)


To be cautious of terrorism and radicalism, Indonesian citizens in Malaysia are appealed to smartly use social media. Malaysian and Indonesian security forces continue to monitor the use of social media. This was stated by Police Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Police Commissioner Chaidir to RRI on Friday (18/5). He urged Indonesian citizens in Malaysia to be cautious of the use of social media to avoid becoming victims of the terrorists’ network which is now growing rapidly.

“It’s necessary for the government to pay attention; there should be anticipation, and protection of our citizens. So, they are not easily trapped in the links of social media that have elements of radicalism. Do not try to participate in social media activities, because the laws in Malaysia are quite strict on the use of radically affected social media. Do not let us join in the activities of radicalism because here, the social media activities are detected by the authorities here,” Chaidir said.

In addition to avoiding terrorism and radicalism, Indonesian citizens are also asked to be smart in use social media so as not to become victims of fraud. Indonesian police officers along with Malaysian police noted the rampant fraud by Indonesian citizens as victims and as perpetrators. (KBRN/Okky/Trans by Rhm)


The Ministry of Trade disclosed to keep improving market access for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to compete with other similar products sold in the malls. One of them is by holding mall-to-mall exhibition 2018 with the theme “Indonesia Creative” which takes place at Kasablanka Mall in Jakarta on May 16-20, 2018. Director General of Domestic Trade at the Ministry of Trade, Tjahya Widayanti said in Jakarta on Thursday (May 17) that the mall is chosen as the location of the exhibition because it is likely to bring in a large number of visitors.

“Over the last a few years, we’ve always held Mall-to-Mall exhibitions. The goal is to raise groups of SMEs so that they can be recognized by the mall owners so they can enter the mall. Well that’s the first. The second one is to expand market access for the groups, because if they sell at the mall, this mall has a lot of visitors. The mall can be visited by hundreds of visitors every day. This is also a pretty good market yes. That’ why, we start at the mall,” Tjahya Widayanti said.

Tjahya Widayanti further remarked that mall-to-mall exhibition can motivate the business creators to increase the added value of their products through the utilization of local raw materials. Thus, the produced products will have a uniqueness that can compete with similar imported products that penetrate the Indonesian market through international brands. The selected SME players as the participants in this exhibition have been carried out based on quality, uniqueness, creativity, and innovation in producing high value handicraft art, and they are ready to compete in both domestic and international market. Mall-to-Mall 2018 is a commitment of cooperation between the Ministry of Trade and the Association of Indonesian Shopping Center Management (APPBI) with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on the Implementation of Small and Medium Micro Trade Exhibition at Indonesian Shopping Center on February 1, 2018. (VOI/Rezha/Trans by Rhm)


The acts of terrorism occurred recently in Surabaya, East Java, makes Indonesian government improve concrete efforts to overcome the deadly acts. This was said by Researcher of  Center for Regional Resources Research of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Cahyo Pamungkas to RRI World Service -VOI after Public Discussion themed Eradicating Terrorism Network at LIPI's Building in Jakarta on Thursday   (17/05). He hoped that Indonesian government can improve observation toward social media which has been one of roots of problem from radical acts. He also said that the government has not been optimal in handling the dissemination of ideology with violence  narration through social media.

“The government must prevent and get rid of intolerance attitude toward groups of religions. Firstly, it must fight against intolerance both from daily life and social media, especially hate speech. This is as one of intolerance that can be seen. So, I think one of agendas that must be done now is fighting against intolerance both in society and daily life. I think it is one of roots of the problem,” Cahyo Pamungkas said.

Cahyo Pamungkas further explained that the prevention of terrorism ideology growth can be done through de-radicalization strategy to the family of terrorists. He also said that this can be implemented through many approaches psychologically and socially or by empowering approach through special education. (VOI/AF/RHM)

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