Presidential aircraft, Indonesia One, on Thursday, was the first plane to land at the new West Java International Airport of Kertajati in Majalengka District, West Java.

With President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and his entourage aboard, the Indonesia-1 aircraft took off from the Halim Perdanakusuma Airport in Jakarta at 8:50 am local time and arrived at Kertajati at 9:21 a.m. West Indonesia Standard Time.

On arrival at the Kertajati Airport, the Indonesia One aircraft received a "water salute" while Jokowi was greeted by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, Transportation Minister Budi Sumadi, and Marine and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastututi, who also own a chartered airline Susi Air.

"Alhamdulillah, we have witnessed the first, official, and historic landing at the West Java International Airport of Kertajati," Jokowi remarked in his press statement.

The head of state then express hope that the new airport in West Java would be able to provide good service to Indonesians, who will use the airport.

"I also hope that the Kertajati Airport would have a positive economic impact on the people of Majalengka District, in particular, and West Java`s people, in general," Jokowi stated.

The inaugural landing of Indonesia One at the West Java International Airport was part of the series of presidential working visits in West Java for two days. (ANTARA)



The Jakarta government is now preparing buses for the city`s residents to watch the sport events at venues of the upcoming 18th Asian Games, the city`s governor Anies Baswedan has said.

In addition, the Jakarta administration is currently preparing locations to wait for the buses, Baswedan stated here on Thursday.

"Thus, the city`s residents can park and ride. (After) parking, (they) do not need to use private vehicles to get to the venues," the governor disclosed.

According to him, the places to gather include two categories. The first is the location to be prepared at the outskirts of Jakarta to accommodate people (from outside the city), so they do not have to enter Jakarta.

The second category includes the location for the people living around the venues to gather, so that they do not have to get closer to venues (for citizens of Jakarta), he noted.

"The city`s transportation affairs office (Dishub) will soon announce such places to gather, so that the residents can park their vehicles and get on the buses to reach the venues," the governor explained.

The 18th Asian Games will be held from Aug 18 to Sept 2, 2018, in Jakarta and the South Sumatra provincial capital city of Palembang.

The Asian Games 2018, to be participated by 45 countries, will feature 462 events of 40 sports, of which 32 are Olympic sports and eight are non-Olympic sports.

The Olympic sports are Aquatics, Athletics, Fencing, Weightlifting, Basketball, Handball, Badminton, Baseball/Softball, Cycling, Equestrian, Golf, Wrestling, Hockey, Judo, Karate, Canoeing and Kayaking, Sailing, Shooting, Modern Pentathlon, Archery, Sport climbing, Rowing, Rugby, Gymnastics, Skateboarding, Football, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Boxing, Triathlon, and Volleyball.

The non-Olympic sports are Bowling; Bridge; Cricket; Kabaddi; Martial Arts, such as Jujitsu, Kurash, Pencak Silat, Sambo, and Wushu; Mechanical Sports, such as Paragliding and Jet skiing; Squash; and Sepak Takraw. (ANTARA)


Indonesia and Jordan have developed complementary relationships in terms of economy in order to develop their bilateral cooperation which has been established since decades ago. This was stated by Jordan Ambassador to Indonesia, H.E. Walid Al Hadid in a special interview with RRI World Service, Voice of Indonesia in relation with Jordan Independence Day which falls on May 25th. Ambassador Hadid said that the two countries’ economic relation is complimentary rather than competing each other. Jordan exports the products that Indonesia does not have, and on the other side, it imports products that Jordan does not produce. To boost the two countries’ economic cooperation, Ambassador Hadid invites Indonesia investors to invest in his country.

“I here invite Indonesian investor to come to Jordan to invest  in Jordan to have mutual cooperation with their counterpart  to consider Jordan as their launching pad to Europe to North Africa, Africa in general, to Gulf states and the world in general. Energy is open, water is open, tourism is open for investment, IT sector, industrial sector that is why we divided the country into several development zone,” said Walid Al Hadid.

Ambassador Walid Al Hadid further stated that in 2016, Indonesia-Jordan trade volume almost reached $260 million dollars. He believes that the two countries have a potential to increase the number to double or even triple in the years to come. To reach it, Indonesia and Jordan launched a “business council”  last year, which will work as a vehicle to boost investment from both countries. (VOI/DP/RHM)


President Joko Widodo has inaugurated a number of officials at Presidential Palace in Jakarta more recently. One of them is Admiral Siwi Sukma Adji who was inaugurated as Navy Chief of Staff replacing Admiral Ade Supandi who will be retired on June 1st. After being inaugurated, Navy Chief of Staff Siwi Sukma Adji said that he is committed to continuing the programs which have been designed by previous Navy Chief. He underlined that the maritime security sector will become his priority, especially to support World Maritime Axis vision.

“For us, Indonesia, especially the Navy, Maritime Axis is to secure the maritime shaft distribution line, to secure safe and comfortable security for marine users. Then, we also create a safe situation. Everything in the ocean such as security distribution, navigation shipping is a very important task in the future,” Navy Chief of Staff Siwi Sukma Adji said.

Before serving as Chief of Staff of the Navy, Siwi Sukma had held various strategic positions, including General Planning Assistant Commander of the TNI and Commander of Fleet Command of the Western Indonesia. In addition, Siwi Sukma also served as Commander General of Military Academy. (VOI/Ndy/Trans by Rezha/RHM)

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