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The ongoing demonstrations in Paris that triggered riots have become a test poins for the credibility and continuation of French President Emmanuel Macron administration. The protests, which took place every Saturday, ended with riots spreading into a movement to bring down President Macron. The action known as the mass action of the Yellow Vest last Saturday caused 92 people including police officers injured in the riots.

It  was originally started by residents of the suburbs of Paris who protested the government's decision to increase the price of fuel oil and taxes. It then   turned into chaos. Middle class citizens who are worried about Macron's policies, joined in  and made a wave of demonstrations anddemanded  Macron to step down.

The pressure of the protesters caused Prime Minister Edouard Philippe meet up  with two representatives of the protesters. However, he  failed to stop the next demonstration which wasfollowed by even more citizens of Paris and its surroundingsAccording to some  polls 72 percent citizenssupport the Yellow Vest. However, 90 percent of  French people   rejected acts of violence. President Emanuel Macron has demanded legal responsibility of the demonstrators due to riots that occurred and caused damage.

In fact, President Macron had succumbed to revoking his policy by delaying the fuel tax increase which resulted in rising fuel prices throughout France. Nevertheless the demonstration resumed with the demand for the resignation of Macron whhas been in office for  for just 18 months. For the President of France who is the youngest head of state in French history, this wave of demonstrations is a test of his policy and continuity of government.

Whether the demonstrations in France,  which are  the biggest and worst ever,  will be the trigger for  political movement that will determine the end of Macron's government, remain  to be seen. Macron's failure to overcome this political crisis will show whether the youngest Presidentin the French history, will also be the shortest-serving President due to his policies which caused massive demonstrations or not.



The United Nations (UN) effort to end the civil war in Yemen has progressed. The conflicting parties, namely the Houthi rebels and the Yemeni Government are willing to attend the peace talks in Sweden. Scheduled to take place in the near future, the meeting will likely be implemented. This was marked by the good faith in the form of evacuating dozens of wounded Houthi rebels in the Yemeni capital. Evacuation efforts are reportedly carried out by the Saudi-led military coalition. This step, which is a step forward, gives hope of a change of attitude between the two conflicting  parties.

Previously, the UN's efforts to find a peaceful solution through the negotiating table  were planned to take place last September.  It  was canceledbecause at that time the Houthi rebels considered the UN had not fully guaranteed protection for  them.

The cancellation of the negotiations last September did not dampen the spirit of the United Nations in seeking a peaceful way. The world body continues to persuade the Houthi militant group to the negotiating table in Stockholm. The road to this direction shows hope when the Saudi-backed military coalition evacuates around 50 Houthis from the city of Sanaa. Along with that, the UN envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffith, was also present in Yemen to persuade the Houthi rebels to go to the negotiating table in Stockholm.

The arrival of the UN envoy in Yemen was also intended to pressure Saudi Arabia to reduce the blockade of the main Sanaa airport which has been controlled by Houthi militants a few years ago.

The international community hopes that the UN step to reconcile the two conflicting parties in Yemen has been realized. Efforts to bring together rival countrymen at the negotiating table are expected to be the first step towards peace. However, it will still depend on two countries known to have interfered in the conflict in Yemen. Namely, Saudi Arabia which  is supporting the government, and Iran which  is behind the strength of the Houthi rebels. The wil of the two countries shall  determine whether the conflict in Yemen can be stopped or not. So that people in that country can enjoy peace and harmony again .

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Indonesia is a country that consists of more than 13,000 islands, 250 ethnicities and various kinds of cultures that are a source of national strength and potential. 
Thus, the 2018 Indonesian Culture Congress held on December 5-9 becomes very important for the influences of foreign cultures that enter without limits through various media. Moreover, the domestic political situation ahead of the 2019 Election currently tends to heat up and potentially lead to nation’s split. It takes thoughts and willingness to accept and respect differences, both related to the culture of the Indonesian nation and other nations.

 At the closing of the 2018 Indonesian Culture Congress, 
last Sunday (9/12), President Joko Widodo emphasized the importance of the spirit of tolerance in interacting amid the complexity of today's culture. He argued that interaction in various matters, including word contestation and politics would result in utterances of jealousy and hatred if not accompanied by tolerance.Therefore, President Joko Widodo took for examplethat at present, Indonesia needs a stage of tolerant interaction.

Meanwhile, Director General of Culture
 at the Ministry of Education and Culture, Hilmar Farid said that facing other differences and influences,Indonesian people have to position culture as inclusive one. Because, the characteristics of inclusive culture are mutual learning, knowing each other, knowing each other's views, understanding each other, and empathizing. So, tolerance will arise from understanding, instead of doctrine.

The 2018 Indonesian Culture Congress is expected to be a 
significant event to work and produce various ideas for the progress of the Indonesian nation in the future. Naturally, the discussion of cultural strategies that have been going on for 10 years, often leads to delays due to various interests. Fortunately, there are points in the Cultural Strategic Agenda that have been successfully formulated at the 2018 Cultural Congress. These points are to provide space for the diversity of cultural expressions and encourage cultural interaction to strengthen the inclusive culture. This is expected to be a reference in handling and maintaining the sustainability of national culture.

n, the results of the congress become recommendation to be immediately followed up by the government as the regulator of the Indonesiannation. However, the effectiveness of the Cultural Strategic Agenda does not have to depend on the government alone. The Indonesian people must love and feel proud as part of the Indonesian nation. Thus, all stakeholders have to maintain and respect each other and agree on the values of the diversity of the Indonesian nation in a culture.


Head of Research and Development Agency (Balitbang) of the Education and Culture Ministry (Kemendikbud) Totok Suprayitno said that the National Examination (UN) was used to improve the learning process.

"In addition to being used to measure graduates` competency level, the National Exam is also used to improve the learning process in the classroom," Suprayitno noted in Jakarta on Tuesday.

He stated that the most effective and efficient way to improve student competence is to provide feedback to students.

"To improve the learning process, there needs to be feedback. Feedback has the greatest influence, with the lowest costs, to improve student achievement, "he stated.

Head of Research and Development Agency added that to provide assessment feedback, the Education Assessment Center, Balitbang, Ministry of Education and Culture, compiles a National Examination Results Report each year that contains all UN results data from the provincial level to the education unit level.

In 2018, the UN results report was completed with provincial / regency / city level national report cards and UN results executive summary. The National Examination Report and question release are Puspendik`s efforts to assist the education office in following up on the UN results. (ant)