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Vision and Mission


“To Make RRI  a Trusted and Global Public Broadcasting Institution”

 Mission Statements

1. Meet citizens' rights to obtain objective and independent news and information
2. Meet citizens' rights to broadcast program for enlightening and empowering and favoring vulnerable and disable groups
3. Organizing broadcasts that ensure diversity and national identity
4. Organizing a healthy entertainment broadcast
5. Improving service and broadcast coverage that is easily accessible to people in border, remote, outer and coastal areas
6. Strengthening overseas broadcasts to promote Indonesia along with Pancasila ideology and bring the world to Indonesia in accordance with foreign policy
7. Optimizing broadcasting technology to support the implementation of RRI broadcasts capable of reaching the entire territory of NKRI and accessible to the world community
8. Improving the quality of LPP RRI management in accordance with the principles of Good Public Governance
9. Developing Professional Human Ressources
10. Developing communication and promotion strategies
11. Optimizing the potential of RRI as a source of income according to the prevailing laws and regulations


Jl. Merdeka Barat, 4-5, 4th Floor,

Jakarta 10110.

Phone : +62 21 3456 811,

Fax     : +62 21 3500 990

Shortwave : 3325 kHz


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