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Wednesday, 10 January 2024 07:53

The Indonesian Embassy in Riyadh holds a book review discussion on the life and scientific heritage of Sheikh Nawawi Al-Bantani

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The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Riyadh, through the Education and Culture Attaché, held a book review discussion explaining the life and scientific legacy of Sheikh Nawawi Al-Bantani at the Indonesian Embassy in Riyadh on Wednesday, January 3. Sheikh Nawawi Al-Bantani, who lived from 1812 to 1897 was a leading professor in the Hijaz region and the archipelago in the 19th century.

In his remarks, the Indonesian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz Ahmad, said that the Indonesian Embassy in Riyadh is committed to continuing to be at the forefront in inspiring and facilitating activities that enrich Islamic and national insight, especially for the younger generation.

Ambassador Abdul Aziz Ahmad paid tribute to Sheikh Nawawi Al-Bantani as a proud figure in Indonesia and the Islamic world in general. He emphasized the importance of continuing the scientific legacy of previous scholars as the basis for the success of today's Muslims.

Two main speakers and authors of the book Syekh Nawawi Al Bantani Mahaguru Ulama Hijaz & Nusantara 19th Century, namely Mufti Ali and Siti Ma'rifah Ma'ruf Amin, provided an in-depth understanding of the life journey and great services of Syekh Nawawi Al-Bantani.

Mufti Ali in his presentation highlighted the crucial role of these ulama by explaining the data and archives obtained about Sheikh Nawawi from various libraries in Indonesia and the Netherlands. With this data the role and character of these ulama can be scientifically accounted for.

Meanwhile, Siti Ma'rifah Ma'ruf Amin emphasized the role of Sheikh Nawawi Al-Bantani, especially in the Indonesian context, and underlined the importance of this cleric's contribution in maintaining scientific traditions.

On the same occasion, the Education and Cultural Attache of the Indonesian Embassy in Riyadh, Badrus Sholeh, said that the book would be encouraged to be translated into Arabic, so that more readers throughout the world would understand the role of Sheikh Nawawi Al-Bantani in the development of Islamic studies in the world.

Badrus further stated that manuscript research by Nusantara ulama in Hijaz will continue in collaboration with universities and stakeholders in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, so that it will have a positive impact on Indonesian diplomacy in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. More than 300 books written by Nusantara Ulama around the 19th Century in the Hijaz. The discussion was attended by 60 people consisting of various figures, students and the enthusiastic general public in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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