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Friday, 12 January 2024 08:00

Heading to Tanjung Puting

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Welcome back to “Mari Berbahasa Indonesia” or “Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia”, a segment which introduces you to Indonesian vocabulary and guides you to speak in the Indonesian language. “Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia” is a collaboration between Voice of Indonesia, the Overseas Service of Radio Republik Indonesia, and the Language Centre and Development Agency at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia. Today’s topic is “Menuju Tanjung Puting” (2x) which means “Heading to Tanjung Puting”.

Here is a conversation entitled “Saya selalu bangun pagi” (2x) which means I always wake up early. This conversation took place between Chris, a vlogger from Australia, and Naomi, a tour guide at a hotel in Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan. Chris informs Naomi about his habits.

Naomi (W)              :      Maaf, Chris. Kita harus berangkat pagi-pagi untuk bisa melihat orangutan.

Chris (P)                 :      Tidak apa-apa. Saya selalu bangun pagi.

Naomi (W)              :      Kalau begitu, mari, kita berangkat!

Here are some vocabulary related to today's material, "Saya selalu bangun pagi" (2x) which means “I always wake up early”.

Saya selalu bangun pagi (2x)           which means I always wake up early

Saya (2x)                                          which means I

Selalu (2x)                                        which means always

Bangun (2x)                                      which means wake up

Berangkat (2x)                                  which means to go

Pagi-pagi (2x)                                   which means early in the morning

Melihat (2x)                                       which means to see

Orangutan (2x)                                 which means orangutan

Tidak apa-apa (2x)                           which means it's okay! 

Kalau begitu (2x)                              which means if so

Mari (2x)                                            which means come on! 


In the conversation you hear the sentence “Saya selalu bangun pagi” (2x) which means "I always wake up early". In this sentence there is an expression "selalu" (2x) which means "always". The word "selalu" (2x) describes the activity that becomes a habit. In this statement, Chris' habitual activity is "bangun pagi" (2x), which means waking up early.

Here are other examples in using the adverbial word "selalu" (2x) which means always to describe an activity that has become a habit.

Saya selalu makan pagi sebelum pukul 08.00 (2x) which means I always have breakfast before 8 a.m. (2x)

Chris selalu membawa motornya ke mana pun (2x) which means Chris always rides his motorbike everywhere (2x)

To give the information regarding time, there are several expressions commonly used by Indonesians, such asdini hari(2x) which means at dawn time,pagi-pagi 2x) which means early in the morning,siang bolong (2x) which means midday or noonday, and larut malam(2x) which means late at night. Such expression gives the nuance of meaning 'sangat' (2x) which means 'very'.

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